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Mirror :

mirror_lustroIt symbolizes an attempt to discover your soul, which very often ends with failure, or leads to the better cognition of yourself.

see: try to discover yourself better

see yourself in it: you will discover your mistake or someone will show it to you

see some people in a mirror: you will act unfairly in relation to other

see animals in the mirror: the financial crisis

look in a blind mirror: you consider yourself an angel

an uneven mirror: you are living in a fool’s paradise

see broken or break it: you will be teaching someone

see the process of producing the mirror: a betrayal

A reflection in a mirror means a reflection of personal problems with your identity. If you see your face with closed eyes, this expresses fear against facing the reality. A face of someone else can mean love, or the feeling of a smaller value for that person. No reflection in the mirror proves the identity crisis, or the fear of death.

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