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Milk dream interpretation

Milk :

It is a sexual symbol, or it has a meaning similar to the entry “water”: a good sign, if it is clean, bad – if it is turbid, dirty.

  •  to milk: happiness and success in the project
  • see: you will experience an innocent pleasure, or joy
  • buy: you aim for something at any cost, you desire to gain wealth
  • sell: you will make a bad decision that will cost you a lot
  • cook: start living responsibly
  • spilt or seething: you unnecessary worry about something
  • drink: you will gain sympathy for some reason
  • sour, set: troubles and worries
  • sour: someone close will make you worried
  • be a nursing mother: for young women it heralds pregnancy
  • suck at the breast: you live your life to the fullest, you use your chances and you know what is the most important
  • for the older: material benefits
  • prepare or consume dairy dish: favorable changes
  • give milk to someone: you will gain wealth
  • a milk bath: the joyful moments among the loved ones
  • carry the milk in the bucket: you should have more confidence in people
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