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Man :

Man_mezczyznaDepending on the dreamer, this sign may have different interpretation. For women, it has sexual, erotic meaning; for men, it is an attempt to realize own faults. A man or masculinity is an old symbol of consciousness, intellect, enthusiasm, and willpower, often also strength, assertiveness.

a young man: unflagging activity, anxiety, will of power, irrepressible sexual desires

see or deal with him: an older man – you will get good advice; the meeting with a young man – introduces anxiety; if a young girl will meet a man in a dream, in reality she will have to wait for him. If the woman in a dream is bitten by a man, in reality she will be loved by him.

fat: it predicts that a man, who forestalls every woman’s wish, will love you; it is a symbol of compassion and soft heart

ugly: your life looks completely different than you have planned

handsome: abundance, prosperity and joy

tall: it is a warning not to be aggressive or not be guided solely by the common sense

short: it can mean low self-esteem (often sexual)

an old man proposes to you: happy love

for a woman kissing a man: you lack a man who would support you, and you would feel safe with him

having sex with a man: learn to fight for yourself, only then you will feel satisfied

be among many men: do not be afraid of your weaknesses, just proceed to the action, and you will manage to handle with everything.

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