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Lily :

Lily_liliaA lily is a symbol of the human psyche; of unrevealing some arcane gestures. It means, that if you care about something, you should fight for it and do everything to achieve the goal.

see: your plans will fail

blooming: you will boldly and successfully achieve your goal

colourful: financial success

pick them: in your actions you must not think only of yourself – you have to remember also about your neighbors

see people picking lilies: be careful, someone wants to use his/her strength and do everything against you.

hold it in your hands: you are the object of one’s love and respect

throw away or destroy: you will abuse your power, and this will entail a penalty

leaves or a stem without flowers: harmful illusions

a lot of lilies: modesty in your feelings and in showing them

a water lily: an avalanche of feelings

put them into water: sometimes appearances can be deceiving, perhaps a relationship that you have already ended, still have a chance…

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