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Library :

library_bibliotekaThe library is a memory in its diversity, personal culture. The dream about a library expresses a need to develop, deepen your knowledge, skills and search for the sense in life. This symbol may also mean that we need the help of a wise and experienced person.

see it: some change is waiting for you, you will learn something new, before you are enjoyable and important meetings with people dealing with science.

be in it: success, but achieved by a long and severe effort

borrow a book: you will trust some stranger

see a dusty library: outdated culture, which makes your life difficult

stained books: infected culture

alibrary with unorganized collection of books: a culture poorly organized, without foundations, chaotic

a library with books of the same size and color: a stereotyped, collective, not personal, or poorly absorbed culture

look for a book and not be able to find it: holes in the memory, which may be disturbing, so after waking up from a dream you should think about matters that are pending, or to recall the material required for the exam and detect elements which were superficially treated or neglected


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