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Lake dream interpretation

Lake :

lake_jezioroYou await new decisions, solutions and you feel the need for solitude, withdrawal and retraction from the bustle of life. This symbol may also be a harbinger of the trip which will isolate you from the daily affairs.

look at it: you will meet a man, who may be called “still waters run deep”

look at yourself in the glassy surface: pleasant moment

a clean lake: consensus and harmony in life

a dirty lake: bankruptcy

a silty lake: bad luck in love and business

to bath in it or sail: the same meaning as above

fishing in the lake: a failed marriage

seesome creatures in a lake: a run of failures that will affect your future

float on the lake: good luck

a port on the lake: your life runs in peace and satisfaction

a choppy lake: adversity in love

a storm on the lake: worries

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