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Kissing dream interpretation

Kissing :
  • be kissed by a stranger: do not waste time on indecent pleasures
  • be kissed by someone: there are dishonest people around you, do not be fooled by appearances
  • be kissed by your own mother: prosperity
  • kiss a brother: betrayal
  • kiss the child: a lot of fun
  • kiss parents: professional success and cash inflow
  • kiss the face: fulfill your plans
  • kiss the cheek: someone you know loves you and hopes that you will be a couple
  • kiss someone on hand: you have a lot of respect for someone
  • kiss someone on feet: you are faithful as a dog
  • kiss on the neck: control your impulse
  • be kissed on the hand: you wake up the respect of people
  • a passionate kiss: unfulfilled dreams
  • kiss the enemy: a breakthrough in the dispute  See also: A dream about kissing
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