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Kimono dream interpretation

Kimono :

Kimono is a symbol of our interior. If it is white in a dream, it is a sign that the sleeping person is sensitive and generous, has a hot heart and good character.

Kimono dream meaning

kimono dream dictionary

However, if it is black, it is a sign that she does not feel comfortable with some dirty things she has done. She is tormented by remorse.

If your kimono has a different color or pattern in your dream, it is a sign that you are full of hope and are looking forward to what each new day will bring you.

When you are wearing a kimono in a dream, it is a sign that you are ready to prove yourself in some important task and face yourself and your limitations.

When you take them off in a dream, it is a sign that you cannot accept criticism with dignity.

The dream of buying it indicates the changes that await you in your life.

The meaning of KIMONO dream in other cultures and dream books

Mystical dream interpretation:

A dream about a nice kimono indicates that you will have to find a common language with someone. Your future will depend on it.

kimono dream meaning

Dream about kimono

To dream of a white kimono means that you are undergoing a positive transformation or that you are rising to a new level. Things related to the home become very positive. You’ve always been single, but you have to admit that you feel something special for someone. Feelings will be very present on the surface, you will feel brave, progressive. You are not sure which is the right decision. Someone who trusts you won’t be in the same position for a long time, most likely.

To dream of a white kimono says that you will enjoy unforgettable moments, You are literally upset and do not express yourself in a positive or constructive way, You are undergoing a positive transformation or you are rising to a new level, Understanding the other is a matter of empathy , You are lucky to be surrounded by people who are worth it.

With your co-workers, you will maintain a close and empathetic attitude, Facing your limitations will make you happier, and you will always be happy about it, You feel that you are not able to fully express yourself and be who you are, Some investments financials you made will now come in handy to pay off some debts, Things related to the home become very positive, .

To dream of a white kimono symbolizes that good humor and laughter are your allies and will open many doors of communication, The whole day will be a celebration in which you will not stop having fun, Your karat is recognized as a professional, You have always shown yourself to be single, but you have to admit that you feel something special for someone. It’s time to stop idling and start making things happen.

If you know how to use it, it will give you great results, You will get everything you deserve after working so hard lately, You are a modest, helpful and hardworking person, You will have to replace someone at work and you will be victorious, Feelings will be very present on the surface, you will feel brave, progressive.

To dream of a white kimono says that maybe you need to guide someone in the right direction, You take the opportunity to do something playful or very relaxing, Your relationship is moving slowly but surely, Your energy levels will be very high and this will translate into great vitality, You are not sure which is the right decision, .

Tomorrow great things await you and you must be lucid, Your social circle will expand a lot if you dedicate yourself to it, especially at work, A person close to you can help you a lot by giving you some valuable advice, Faith in yourself will be your strongest bulwark to get what you want so badly, Someone who trusts you won’t be in the same position for a long time, probably.

To dream of white means that your social activities are emphasized by bringing a lot of activity into your life. You will meet interesting people and have the opportunity to dance with friends for life. A phone conversation will bring you good news. Your positive and resolute spirit will help you solve everything in record time. At work, you will follow your instincts and not accept being hung medals. You will now value those people who helped you through your most difficult times.

kimono in our dreams

What does it mean to dream about kimono?

Dreaming of a kimono represents that we are facing the arrival of many good things. In most cases it refers to good luck and fortune, where we will see how our earnings increase considerably, giving us the possibility of having the life we ​​have always wanted.

According to what some experts say, dreaming of a kimono speaks of how tolerant and understanding the dreamer is. They even say that he has a very condescending and flexible personality.

In addition, it represents the persevering being who fights tirelessly to achieve his goals. He carries with him a willpower that very few have been able to find. These qualities are reflected by the subconscious, but must be externalized to see the results in reality.

In this sense, it is a very peculiar way to encourage the dreamer, who may be one of those people who constantly seek success and have not found that golden opportunity. This dream is only announcing that it is time to fight and not give up.

All dreams are subjective and the interpretation changes according to the context of it.

Dream that you are wearing a kimono

It symbolizes the decision, we can easily feel controlled by other people in different facets of our lives. This dream takes us to a state where we are the ones who make the last decision.

Although at times we believe that everything is lost, we make room to create a different idea of ​​what life is like for others and what we want for ourselves. We decided to feel comfortable, be loyal and give the best of our efforts to achieve our dreams.

On the other hand, dreaming of putting on a kimono alludes to some celebration. Moments of family union are about to come into your life, you will celebrate the triumph of a race, a birth or the birthday of a loved one.

Take advantage of the moment for reconciliation, these types of events do not happen every day. If you happen to wear a stained kimono, be very careful. You need to find harmony and your inner peace.

Dream of buying a kimono

It represents the new and the old. It could be said that it is a transformation process in which it is necessary to discard everything that is no longer essential or useful in life.

Dreaming of buying a kimono is the same, before buying something new you have to make room in the closet. If we focus on the personal, it speaks of attitudes, of the need to free oneself from everything that binds a person and does not let him advance.

You may have spent years following in the footsteps of others, when yours are the only ones that matter.

It is not wrong to adopt certain qualities in others, but there is greater reward when a spirit is fostered through self-growth and learning. Take note, stop living the life of others and start forging your own full of success.

dream about kimono

Kimono is a symbol of our soul.

  • a white kimono: you have a clear conscience
  • a black kimono: you do not feel comfortable with how you act
  • a colourful kimono with patterns: you’re full of joy and hope
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