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House :

House_domIt is a symbol of the human body and its internal and external condition;

roof = head, brain, door = sex organs, window = can also mean sexual organs, basement = legs or lower body organs, balcony = breasts

family home: health, success, prosperity

build: a harbinger of prosperity

buy: prosperity

possess: irresponsible days

repair: the solution of some confusing issues

leave your own: new ways for further life

see neglected: illness or depression

see burning: asudden misfortune

demolished: you will remove an obstacle

empty: your confidence was too hasty, sad moments await you; try to just deal with the reality

see falling: a harbinger of death

a multi-storey house: very large profits

glass: you will find flattery as a good sign, however, you will harm yourself

an old house: you lack the sense of security

a house for renovation: family problems

change a house: the move in the nearest future, the change of the environment or a woman

a posh house with vivid colours: an eroticism, a desire

house with opaque or knocked out windows: moral blindness

a house without doors: lack of agreement with the people around you

house with tiles damaged by the storm: the agitated mind, the crisis of consciousness or mental disorders

A house symbolizes the whole human personality. The look of your house, both inside and outside, reflects your soul, whether it is well-organized, need challenging work or chaotic. A house also symbolizes the human body, because it contains life; in the broader sense of this word – the environment in which you live, and also a woman- the soul of the house. Exceptionally: a house symbolizes the psyche, which is the dynamism enveloped in a physical layer. The dream about a house is positive, when you can go out of the house easily at dawn, and none of the people inside want to stop you, and the doors are not locked. This means that everything will go according to your wishes. In contrast, if you cannot find the way out of your own house, or the one you are in a dream, it heralds an unfortunate turn of events. That is: those who are planning a journey – they will stay at home; those who are going to take up some undertaking – obstacles; those who are weak – a permanent disease; and those who are ill – death.

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