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Hotel :

hotel_hotelYou do not you feel good in your own skin and you try to escape from yourself.

A hotel symbolizes the chance for a short and unstable relationship. You should not build anything on the new feelings because you know it is temporary.

The hotel can also be a symbol of family, hearth and home.

“A family is a travelers’ meeting” – said the Chinese poet who wanted to express philosophical idea that the souls, that create one family, come from different places. Staying in the hotel can be read as “being in someone else’s home”, the lack of privacy, lack of social connections or just social security.

see: the need for hiding your love before others

be in the hotel: you feel bad in your own skin

work in the hotel: you will quickly find a better job

live in a hotel: a life full of comforts and pleasures

search for hotels: family problems

acorridor in the hotel: a rich acquaintance

a hotel foyer – if you see yourself there: the search for a rich acquaintance

have your own hotel: by your own efforts you will achieve a lot in life

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