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Hat :

hat_kapeluszThe most commonly, it hides the real thoughts and intentions, especially those which others should not know.

to sew a hat: you will ask someone for the impossible

have: happiness and benefits

to clean a hat: a small loss

lose: a trouble

put on your head: you will have a reason to irritability

take off: you have too many responsibilities and you may not be able to deal with them

a new hat: someone will like you

an old hat: a change for the better, spiritual transformation

a hat on someone’s head: you behave in the arrogant way

if it is blow off by the strong wind: you will miss your profit

see how a woman loses it: you will lose your freedom

pick up from the ground: joy, pleasures

see a nice, elegant hat: scarcity, bad omen

a hat in bad taste: you find yourself at a disadvantageous situation

watch as it floats on the surface of the water: you will hear about the suicide of a friend

a straw hat: a deception in love

wear a beautiful hat: you make the right decisions

a hat with a feather: honours

hold in the hand: you will live your life easily and without troubles

see someone trying your hat on: disappointed on your friend, who will attempt to seduce your beloved

change hats with someone: you act too hastily.

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