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Hand dream interpretation

Hand :

hand_dlonIt symbolizes the formation of life due to the enthusiasm and energy.

kiss a hand: you will experience a small annoyance

wash your hands: nice meeting is coming

hold someone’s hand: trust; a good investment

squeeze someone’s hand: someone will suggest you common interests, do not be afraid to take a risk

stroking: someone wants to take care of you

ornamented with jewelry: honors, pay raise or promotion

clapping: praise, recognition

dirty: stop being jealous towards other people

injured: someone will steal your ideas behind your back

bleeding: an argument with friends

cut away: sadness and loneliness

burn: your efforts to gain a better job will fail

destroyed: disappointed hopes

see clenched in front of your face: the enemy is preparing a nasty surprise for you

raise a clenched fist against someone: you would like to be the centre of attention

clench a fist or see it: it predicts an argument


hands in chains: a dead-end situation

numb hands: you feel helpless

open hands: someone is interested in you, be polite and nice to this person

your own hand: success

have beautiful hands: success, prosperity and respect of others.

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