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Gypsy :

gypsy_cyganA gypsy in a dream foretells a fascinating man, or, more abstractly, a fascination with the strange, ancient and unknown world of gypsies. This symbol is ambiguous, because this kind of fascination may prove to be illusory in the long run. Generally, it happens in the case of Hinduism and egotism.

see, talk to him: be careful in material matters, and be on your guard against the person with whom you will experience beautiful and special moments

have a gypsy friend: you will find a person, that you can always depend on in every situation

see telling fortunes: unfulfilled hopes

if someone foretells you the future and gets a fee: someone will be lead you by the nose

if someone foretells you the future for free, with sympathy: remember the exact content of divination, because it is a prophetic dream

meet with the Gypsies: think through the proposal, which you have got

do business with him: someone will deceive you in financial matters

be truly loved by him: the sign, that you will meet faithful, true love of your life, the partner for better and for worse

an affair with Gypsy/Gypsy: sad and distressing consequences, disappointed love or unhappiness in marriage

hear gypsy music: romantic experience.


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