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Grave :

single grave stone cut out (Clipping path)It is a symbol of conflicts, looking for solutions, uncertainty, helplessness. A tomb is of course associated with death, so the dream about the grave can be a harbinger of death, or the definitive break-up. There may be also involved the failure of some plan.

see someone digging a grave: bad news about the death of a beloved person

to descend to the grave: backbiting, slanders

an open grave: cheerful fun awaits you

see an opening tomb: a person from the past, you wanted to forget, still has a big impact on you

empty: the loss of friends and loneliness

see falling: bad luck, illness in the family

put flowers on the grave of your mother: looking for consolation

see a name written on the grave: beware of your health

see: misunderstanding

die and be buried: the death of a friend

burial mound: the long-forgotten things will become reveled or you will find a lost thing

a tombstone: the return of an old friend, who won respectability in the world

read the inscription on the tombstone: loss of your comrade

a gravestone: blessing in marriage and prosperity

if you grew flowers on the grave: something dead or dying reborn in spite of everything; it may be friendship, love, etc..

if around the cross or tombstone climbs ivy: bad omen; you are a prisoner of memories and this obsession does not allow you to live a normal life; it is also possible that you are neurotic, sick, and it prevents you from functioning in life



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