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Gem :

gem_kamien_szlachetnyIt expresses an exciting, fascinating or numbing charm, which emanates from the person concerned; the person’s radiation, penetration, etc.. The gemstone’s colour is the key to the interpretation of the dream. A dream about the precious stones means the development of soul and vitality.

see: the temptation

buy: loss

receive as a gift: a larger property

have: to achieve honours

wear: you will become conceited, you will have an influence on one person

lose: disgrace

sell: improving the material situation

see the person adorned with precious stones: you are under the influence of that person.

The symbolism of the individual stones:

grenade: faithfulness, loyalty, vital force

amber: activity, joy, openness of mind

crystal: internal cleansing, spiritual harmony, spiritual development

diamond: purity, perfection, valence

opal: intuition, depth of soul and mind

ruby: health, longevity

malachite: beauty, inspiration, a stone of goddess Venus

onyx: determination, perseverance, willpower, spiritual and emotional development

lapis lazuli: inspiration, blessing, enlightenment

sapphire: truth, wisdom, protection from danger and evil

turquoise: health, freedom, energy

jade: fertility, prosperity, strength

pearl: purity, health, wealth

pearl in a shell: the human soul in the body

topaz: calm, enlightenment, lasting friendship, strong ties.

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