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Gate :

gate_bramaA dream expressing fear; your way of life is full of obstacles, so you need a lot of energy to remove them; it means a change, maybe even the change of job.

open: a great future ahead of you, big changes, a new job possible or new passions

enter through the open: a nice welcome at someone’s home

pass through a beautiful gate: success, growth, a good fortune

close the gate: you will meet people who will be your close friends

closed: someone will give you an icy welcome

be in front of the gate and feel fear: a difficult decision that may change your life, think about your choice very carefully

an iron gate in the form of bars: you dream about something unreal

see the light at the gate: you will get to know the things that are unknown to others

A dream about the gate suggests that there are new opportunities of entering into something new. The gate can sometimes lead to the hell instead of heaven. So you should carefully consider every aspect before entering a new path.


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