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Food dream interpretation

Food :

food_jedzenieIt means the feeling of real hunger, or the sleepy compensation of lack of appetite while you are awake.

fast eating: it will bring health

a lonely feast: because of the ruthlessness and lack of compassion for others you become more and more unpopular

eat in the company of other people: beneficial interests

to consume a modest meal: the feeling of remorse for some reason

want, but not being able to eat: a change in life

see someone eating: start preparing for some celebration

atasty meal: good health

a disgusting meal: light illness, indisposition

burnt food: bad news

oriental food: an event will adversely affect your mood

unknown dishes: murky happiness

eatmeat: cash inflow, increased revenues

eat rotten meat: disease, malaise

eat a sweet cake: success

eat vegetables: a burst of energy

eat fruits: fulfilled and reciprocated love.

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