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Flood dream interpretation

Flood :

This dream, however scary it may be, most often means releasing positive energy. As the dream indicates, it can also apply to repressed feelings.

Dream interpretation flood

When you dream that you are overwhelmed by a flood, it means that you feel weak from the excess of emotions that burn you from the inside out. The dream interpretation tells you to be calm. You need to breathe and take your distance.

When you see a flood spreading, it means contemplating your own nature. As other dream books show, sometimes this symbol can also indicate depression and warn you about a difficult financial situation.

Dream interpretation: flood wave

A flood with cloudy water may indicate a danger. This dream can also mean that your unconscious is threatened with a flood of consciousness, putting your psyche in serious danger. Dream interpretation warns against the onset of psychosis.

High water, flood waves may indicate that you are able to deal with your fears and fears adequately.

When in a dream you see a flood approaching, nothing will fill the void in your heart. As the dream book suggests, you will have to give yourself time to experience suffering and get used to some loss.

When you watch the water flowing into the house during a flood, the room, if it is clean, can mean a visit of an important person or special perks, cloudy, dirty water – a misfortune or a row.

If in a dream you drown during a flood, remember that sometimes chance changes your entire life so far, so do not get too attached to what is now.

When in a dream you lose your possessions during a flood, enjoy the moment and what you have, and you will be happier in life and avoid unnecessary disappointments.

If you are running from a flood, it is a sign that you are running away from yourself while you are awake.

Arabic dream interpretation:

When you see a flood in a dream, it may portend an unforeseen separation or signal that you are asking too much, hence your problems and poverty. It may also mean that you will be dealing with many annoying people who will disturb you and that you will have to fulfill their requests and wishes.

When you experience a flood, it is a sign that several people around you will ask for help and support.

When a flood takes your belongings, it is a sign that you need to make serious preparations to be able to cope with difficulties in the future.

Mystical dream interpretation:

This dream may signal that some of your feelings and desires are becoming immoderate, leading to a dangerous situation. The dream book indicates that such a dream can also predict events that will affect you, especially in the professional sphere. It will also get you back from bad cases and means you need to avoid disputes.

When you see or experience a flood in your dreams, it will either bring you intrusive visits or that you will be dealing with an intrusive person.

If you dream that the cities are flooded with dark waters, it bodes great misfortunes and death.

When you dream that people are being carried through a flood, it portends you regret and despair that make you think that life is meaningless.

A large area flooded with bright water promises you a loss of profits due to your own carelessness.

When you see bright water flowing into the room, it bodes you misfortune and quarrels.

The clean water flowing into the room foreshadows you an important visit or special profit.

When you dream that you are running from a flood, it is a sign that you are running away from yourself.

Dreaming about flooding can be bizarre, scary and cause a feeling of anguish, because when you see a lot of water around you, you can feel overwhelmed and sad. It usually indicates negative energy around you in waking life.

So the general meaning of this dream is that you are stuck and confined in obstacles, difficulties and these external forces are slowly swallowing your happiness and inner peace. It is also a kind of reminder that hard times will soon come.

Read on to learn more about the theme of this dream and the different contexts that can change the ways you interpret it.

Dream about flood

flood dream dictionary

To dream that you are in a flood is a generally bad omen, but it has other interpretations depending on the elements involved. In general, this dream points to significant changes in your way of acting and thinking.

As a symbol of devastation, the flood implies losses and situations out of control. It also means worry, anxiety, apprehension, and a feeling of being overwhelmed by bad things in life. See the details of the interpretations below.

To dream of being carried away by a flood

Dreams about water, are linked to your relationships and emotions, i.e. basically how you are feeling at the moment. So, dreaming that you are being carried away by a flood indicates that you are going through an emotional crisis and that you want to escape this feeling for a while.

Turbulent or out-of-control water seen in a dream is a representation of a crisis. This is associated with death or the sudden transformation of life. Therefore, swirling waters may reflect a challenging situation and the way you feel.

Therefore, avoid harboring negative emotions and try to best experience any internal or external changes that you are going through.

To dream of running away from a flood

If you dreamed that you were trying to run away or escape from a flood, then this points to changes and news for your personal or professional life. You will be able to discover new tastes and skills and that will make you happy.

However, if you escaped a flood in your dream and went to a place that was later devastated, this is not a good sign.

This dream reflects some kind of regret or resentment of some situation that you lived in the past. You may have hurt or offended someone you love, so your relationship with that person will never be the same again. In that case, you should think about your mistakes and try to correct them so that they don’t haunt you in the future.

flood dream meaning

To dream that you are drowning in a flood

If you had a dream in which you were drowning in a flood or flood, know that this dream has a positive meaning as it is related to your finances. This indicates that your financial situation will be much better soon.

This dream also means that you will solve all your problems in the near future.

Also, if you have seen other people drowning in the flood, it means that you are not prepared for changes that will happen in your life. So, even if it is difficult, try to adapt to new changes and take advantage of the opportunities that come with new situations.

Dreaming of being saved from a flood

When you dream that you save yourself from a flood, it indicates that you will be rewarded for your efforts and hard work. It also means that your recent choices and decisions were not wrong.

There are times in your life when you need to make choices that will affect your life in the future. For example, going to college, getting a job, getting married, and so on. In such a scene, it shows that you have made the right decision and that you are walking a path that will yield good results. So this dream invites you to realize that you are leading a full life.

To dream of dying in a flood

In dream symbolism, death by drowning means rebirth and renewal. It means you survived the hard times and now you have a fresh start.

Thus, in the dream of a flood, death symbolizes the end of something bad and the beginning of a new phase of life full of new opportunities and positive changes. Usually, such a dream is a good sign of hope and a fresh start to something big.

The dream reminds you that there is always a second chance to look for. You must stop feeling helpless and work hard to achieve your goals despite the difficulties. Also, this dream is a warning sign for you to seek to solve problems at the right time, before things get out of hand.

Dream that helps people in flood

This dream is a reminder for you to help other people in need. Your subconscious is just warning you to open your arms, be kind, and help people overcome the adversities in their lives.

The dream helping people in a flood tells you not to fake help; but offer genuine support, otherwise you may someday regret being unkind.

Also, this dream represents that you are confident to overcome adversity and accept reality as it is. So, stay calm. But remember to help those who need it and strive to have more emotional control.

flood dreams

Dream about flooding in different ways

A flood in a dream most often symbolizes your suppressed emotions or actions. Maybe you are sexually repressing yourself or maybe you are suppressing your feelings of love for someone.

Therefore, depending on how the flood appears in these dreams, interpretations can reveal different meanings that apply to different areas of your life. See in detail below.

Dream of sea flooding

Water in dreams represents our emotional side. In this way, the flood is a symbol of a new beginning and therefore a balm that will heal some wounds of the past.

So, seeing the sea flooding symbolizes something out of control. To dream of the high tide of a flood can indicate that emotions are focused on a relationship.

Often this points out that you feel like you are swimming against the tide against the current. This dream is about “control”, so even if things seem unmanageable right now, go confident and hopeful that they will soon take their right course.

Dream about rain flood

Dreaming of a flood accompanied by wind and rain is related to your financial life. So, if you had this kind of dream, it means that you should save money because you will need it for some important things in the near future. You shouldn’t spend your money on unnecessary things.

If the causes of the flood are linked to excessive rainfall in a dream, then this is the prediction of a new beginning. So, in addition to paying attention to finances, this dream also indicates that you need to be more prepared mentally for the future.

To dream of a river flooding

A river is usually a body of water that has predictable boundaries. So, dreaming of a river flooding symbolizes that you are trying to carry on with your normal business despite some major disruptions.

In some cases, resisting and getting on with your business is the right answer. In other cases, you really need to honor the interruption and change your plans ASAP.

If you are in the midst of the flood and it ends badly for you in your dream, you need to interrupt your regular plans and give your full attention to dealing with problems that will soon arise. As inconvenient as this may seem at the moment, you need to deal with the situation before it gets worse.

Dream of crystal clear water flood

If you dreamed of a flood of clear and crystalline waters, it means that you will have to delay your plans. It is possible that some obstacles have come your way, so you need to overcome them first. You will have to be patient because it is the only way to achieve your goals.

But this dream also has another interpretation. If the flood in your dream was with clear blue water, then it indicates that all the problems in your life are passing away, then you will be very successful in the future period. You will get out of a difficult situation and you will be rewarded for all your effort and effort.

Dream of dirty water flood

The meaning of a dirty water flood dream also has to do with confused emotions that have been awakened in your life.

You may be recovering from an emotional outburst that you or someone else had recently. Even though you know on some level that emotional release needs to happen for a greater good in the long run, what is emerging right now is dark and disturbing.

Dirty water in the dream can be an omen of danger, so finding a way to resolve the tension before it reaches its limit would be best for the safety of everyone involved.


Dream of mud flood

If in the dream you saw that the water of a flood was muddy, it means that some negative changes will happen in your life. You will be in strange circumstances and feel very uncomfortable in the near future.

It also symbolizes that you may be afraid of what is in front of you. The dream means unpleasant and obscure life situations that can put you in deep agony and suffering.

Mud in dreams is a symbol of uncertainty, anxiety, sadness, resentments, frustrations and disappointments. So, be aware that it is not a good sign, it indicates that you will have a lot of worries in real life.

Dream about a flood of feces

Seeing a flood of feces is an expression of your emotions as well as the fact that you want to get rid of the problems you are experiencing in your waking life.

Believe it or not, it is quite common for people to have this type of dream, especially after a relationship has broken up. Likewise, those who have started a new project or career in life will have this dream.

So there is not much to worry about as it simply means that your subconscious mind is trying to get rid of problems that are getting in the way of your everyday life.

Dream about flooding in different places

In general, a dream about a flood means that you are trying to get rid of emotional baggage, as water represents this accumulation of emotions. So, in terms of dreams, the flood reflects the emotions you cling to.

In this sense, identifying the place where the flood occurs is crucial for you to understand how to control and maintain your emotions. Check out the interpretations below.

Dream about your house flooding

The house in dreams represents something connected to the family. So, if you dreamed about your house flooding, it is possible that you will have some problems in your family in the future. Family relationships can get bad, but you need to keep calm so you don’t make the environment in your home even worse.

If the flooding in your home was caused by a burst pipe or some other household object, it is a sign your trust may be betrayed. There may be fake and envious people around you, so be vigilant not to be deceived by the ones you trust the most.

Dream about flooding someone else’s house

To dream of a flood in someone else’s house, means that there will be rumors about you in the future. It is possible for someone to say something bad about you, which can completely destroy your reputation.

This dream can be very scary and it also points out that you might have some health problems in the near future. Therefore, you should be more careful and pay more attention to your health and also to the people around you, to prevent any of them from causing you suffering or harm.

To dream of the flood in a city

To dream of a flood in the city blocking your way while you were driving or walking, it means that you will have a lot of emotional problems in the future. You will have to be patient to achieve your goals.

Such a dream also indicates that you are not able to quickly adapt to changing circumstances that occur in your life. Also, this dream points to a period of stagnation in your life until you learn to adapt to changes.

Dreaming about flooding at work

When you dream of being at work during a flood, it means that you feel trapped in a past or present situation that you cannot escape from. You feel overwhelmed and hopeless for better days.

However, this dream means that there is a liberating moment ahead of you, the moment when things start to improve in all factors of your life, including financial, family and professional.

Therefore, it is essential to reflect on everything that happens around you and understand if there are certain situations or feelings that you repress or avoid for some reason, and fight to get rid of them.

Dreaming about flooding in the bathroom

Dreaming of flooding in the bathroom is a sign that you need to make some changes in your life. This dream also indicates that you are afraid of the transformation you do not want.

Water is a symbol of emotions, so flooding your dreams can mean that you also need to clean up the dirt and bad situations that can affect your life.

Also, this dream is a sign that you are trying to vent but you can’t. Try to talk to people you trust, open your emotions so that you have emotional relief. So try to open up more and release your negative feelings.

Dream about flooding on roads

If you observed a flood destroying roads in your dream, then this dream brings some negative notes.

This dream usually indicates disasters in general, but it could also indicate someone’s misfortune, yours or someone else’s misfortune in your life.

This dream could be a possible warning about some negative events and circumstances in your life, such as problems with your health, family, work, love relationship, etc. That said, you should try to prevent and minimize the consequences of these possible unfortunate events.

Dream of flood hitting a car

If you saw a car destroyed by a flood in your dream, this is not a good omen and could indicate problems within your family. This dream is a sign of conflicts and tensions.

It is probably a message to confront the problems you have with a family member so that peace can be restored to your home.

This dream also points out that you may be being overwhelmed by strong emotions. This means that you need to try to gain control in some situations, rather than letting your impulses guide you as you make important decisions.

Other meanings of dreaming about flooding

Flood dreams can be related to tragedies that occur in your life. Floods occur when water cannot find a definitive outlet. The lack of this route causes the water to overflow, largely due to the rains that occur in more expressive volumes than expected.

However, dreams about flooding can also be a warning that your interior is in internal conflict. See other interpretations for this dream.

Dreaming about a flood being contained

The flood in dreams being held back reflects your difficulty connecting with your emotions. You have a hard time dealing with your current conditions.

People who usually have this dream are those who cannot control their emotions under any circumstances. You have trouble hiding your emotions when necessary and you always feel mentally tired.

You may be feeling emotionally detached and having a hard time expressing it. Give yourself time to fully process your own feelings and thoughts to fully connect with your emotions and release them properly.

Dream of a very calm flood

A dream of calm flooding means that you will soon experience something new in your life. This can be positive or negative for you, so be aware and be cautious. This ‘something new’ can be a person, an object or an event in your life that can bring you fortune or misfortune.

Also, you will be able to escape all the troubles in your waking life and start something new. Therefore, this dream is the representation of a new beginning that can lead you to success or devastation.

Be wary of your surroundings, including your own feelings and emotions towards other people, but don’t hesitate to dedicate yourself to your new projects.

Can dreaming of a flood signal insecurity?

Flooding is a disaster that can wipe out an entire city in just a few hours. Thus, all valuable assets are at risk when floods occur, including the lives of people affected by them. It is an uncontrollable phenomenon that brings several changes in people’s lives.

So, the flood in dreams usually represents your inner feelings, thoughts and emotions. It is a representation of insecurity and lack of control, and it also points out that your desires are often silenced by the people around you.

On the other hand, excessive flow of water is associated with your overwhelming emotions towards a certain situation. So, when having dreams about floods, always seek to identify the elements present and see what it means, to correctly apply the interpretation that could change your decisions about important things in your life.

Certain feelings or impulses may prove to be dangerous if the favorable circumstances will occur.

  • see the approaching flood: nothing will fill the emptiness that is in your heart
  • watch as the flood water enters the room: if it is clean, clear, may mean a visit of an important person or special perks; turbid, dirty water – unhappiness or fuss
  • see, experience it: a visit of a real pest, or necessity of communing with him
  • drown during the flood: sometimes coincidence changes the whole life, so do not grow attached to the current situation too much
  • lose everything you owns during flood: enjoy the moment and what you have now, you will be happier in life and avoid unnecessary disappointments
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