aswang dream meaning

Aswang Dream Meaning

Dreams about Aswang are often associated with fear, danger, and the unknown. In Filipino folklore, an Aswang is a mythical creature that is said to be a shape-shifting vampire or witch.

It is believed that these creatures can take on the form of animals or humans and feed on human flesh. Dreams about Aswang can represent feelings of fear, anxiety, and uncertainty in your waking life.

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Fear of the Unknown

Dreams about Aswang can symbolize your fear of the unknown. This could be related to a situation in your life where you feel uncertain or anxious about what will happen next. It could also be related to a new experience or challenge that you are facing and feeling unprepared for.

Danger Ahead

Dreams about Aswang can also represent danger ahead. This could be related to a situation in your life where you feel like something bad is going to happen if you don’t take action soon. It could also be related to a person or situation that you feel threatened by.

Loss of Control

Dreams about Aswang can also symbolize a loss of control in your life. This could be related to feeling overwhelmed by a situation or feeling like you have no control over what happens next. It could also be related to feeling powerless in the face of a difficult decision.

Feeling Vulnerable

Dreams about Aswang can also represent feelings of vulnerability. This could be related to feeling exposed or unprotected in some way. It could also be related to feeling like someone else has power over you and you are unable to defend yourself.

Uncertainty About the Future

Dreams about Aswang can also symbolize uncertainty about the future. This could be related to feeling unsure about what will happen next in your life or feeling like there are too many unknowns that you cannot predict. It could also be related to feeling like you have no control over what happens next.

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Dreaming about Aswang

Confronting an Aswang

Dreaming of confronting an Aswang suggests facing one’s deepest fears or a looming threat in one’s life. The Aswang, a feared creature in Filipino folklore, represents anxieties, challenges, or dark aspects that you might be avoiding. Confronting this creature in a dream might indicate a readiness or necessity to tackle these issues head-on, perhaps after a prolonged period of avoidance.

Transforming into an Aswang

Transformation into an Aswang could denote feelings of alienation, internal conflict, or fearing an aspect of oneself. It suggests an internal struggle with darker desires, feelings, or the perception that one is turning into something they fear. This dream can act as a call for introspection and understanding oneself better, especially aspects that one might be in denial about.

Being Chased by an Aswang

This dream indicates feeling pursued by a relentless problem, fear, or guilt. The Aswang’s chase can represent unresolved issues, past mistakes, or suppressed anxieties that continue to haunt your subconscious mind. The dream suggests the need for confrontation and resolution, emphasizing the urgency to address these lingering feelings.

Protecting Loved Ones from an Aswang

This dream scenario speaks to a primal desire to safeguard those you care about from external threats. The Aswang symbolizes dangers or negative influences that you perceive might harm your loved ones, be they physical threats, harmful ideologies, or toxic relationships. The dream underscores the lengths you might go to ensure the safety and well-being of your family or friends.

Hiding from an Aswang

Hiding from an Aswang in your dream signifies evasion, denial, or trying to escape from confronting a particular situation or emotion. The Aswang here acts as a manifestation of something you’re attempting to avoid or suppress. This dream is an indication of the fear or apprehension you feel towards facing this particular issue or emotion.

An Aswang in Your Home

Having an Aswang in your home is a potent dream symbol. The home typically represents one’s mind or personal space, so an Aswang’s presence might symbolize internal conflicts, suppressed fears, or feelings of intrusion. It could suggest that a problem or threat you thought was external is now impacting your personal life or mental well-being.

Communicating with an Aswang

Engaging in communication with an Aswang can be a perplexing dream experience. It might indicate an attempt to understand or negotiate with aspects of oneself or external factors that are typically seen as threatening or negative. This dream suggests that you’re trying to find a middle ground, understand the nature of your fears, or seek a resolution with a challenging situation.

Being Bitten or Attacked by an Aswang

Dreaming of being bitten or attacked by an Aswang suggests feelings of vulnerability or being overtaken by negative influences or fears. The act of being bitten might signify an external force or internal conflict that is harming your well-being or state of mind. This dream can also point to underlying anxieties about being vulnerable to unforeseen threats.

A Friend or Family Member as an Aswang

Seeing a close friend or family member transform into an Aswang can be unsettling. Such a dream might indicate feelings of betrayal, mistrust, or concern about changes you perceive in that person. It could suggest that you’re struggling with accepting certain aspects of their behavior or that you feel they’ve been influenced by negative forces in their life.

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Escaping an Aswang’s Lair

This dream speaks to liberation and breaking free from confining situations or toxic environments. The lair represents the grip of fears, challenges, or negative influences, and escaping signifies your desire or recent success in overcoming these challenges. It could also mean that you’re finding your way out of a situation that felt entrapping.

Seeking Help to Ward Off an Aswang

Dreaming of seeking assistance to fend off an Aswang suggests a recognition that you can’t face certain challenges or fears alone. It’s an acknowledgment of the power of community, guidance, or external resources in combating negative influences. This dream may indicate a need or desire to connect with others or seek professional help to address certain issues in your life.

An Aswang Disguised as a Familiar Person

This dream warns of deception, hidden threats, or underlying issues in relationships. Seeing a familiar person disguise themselves as an Aswang suggests that things are not as they seem and that there might be hidden intentions or problems you haven’t yet recognized. It emphasizes the importance of vigilance and trust in your intuition.

Battling an Aswang

Engaging in combat with an Aswang signifies confrontation and resistance. It points to your readiness to face challenges head-on and fight against negative influences or fears. This dream suggests a period of struggle, but also the potential for victory if you summon your inner strength and determination.

Witnessing an Aswang Transformation

Watching an Aswang undergo transformation denotes significant changes or shifts in perception. This could relate to personal transformation, where you’re recognizing and reconciling with different parts of yourself, or it could mean that you’re observing changes in your environment or relationships that feel unpredictable or unsettling.

Seeking a Cure from an Aswang’s Curse

Dreaming of searching for a cure from an Aswang’s curse indicates a desire to break free from negative patterns, influences, or consequences of past actions. The curse symbolizes lasting negative impacts, and seeking a cure suggests a journey or effort to find healing, redemption, or a way to rectify past mistakes.

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