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Tooth, teeth

Tooth, teeth dream interpretation

Tooth, teeth :

Dreams about teeth can be disturbing to us. Sometimes they also arouse our confusion and uncertainty, and they seem difficult to interpret. Fortunately, a good dream book can help in the latter.

The importance of dreaming about teeth can be very different depending on the surrounding circumstances. For this reason, it is worth paying special attention to them so that you can better interpret your dream later.

teeth dream dictionary

Teeth dream meaning

Dreams about teeth usually have many meanings. Not all of them are positive, so take a close look at these symbols. Tooth dream can be a general clue about our material or sexual needs.

According to the dream book, all the circumstances and features of the teeth in a dream are very important. For example, if we find someone’s tooth in a dream, it is a very bad sign – death or illness. In turn repairing someone’s teeth may foreshadow a person from our environment that is dishonest.

Teeth falling out

In dreams, a tooth falling out is a very ambiguous symbol. Sometimes it is an unfavorable sign that brings us misfortunes, diseases, and sometimes even the death of a family member.

It is also a warning against serious problems, often related to financial losses. According to the dream book, a falling out tooth can also be a harbinger of the loss of a close friend.

Tooth loss in a dream, however, is not always a bad omen, especially if the tooth is broken. According to the dream book, this may then mean a chance to deal with a problem that has been troubling us for a long time. It is also a symbol of the effective implementation of plans and goals in the near future.

In addition, teeth can fall out in different situations, which also affects the final meaning of sleep:

teeth falling out with blood – although bloody teeth are a rather macabre picture, it can be taken as a good omen, because such a dream portends the implementation of plans and goals in the near future;

teeth falling out without blood – this is, in turn, a negative symbol that foreshadows some loss – it can be both material, emotional or spiritual (e.g. loss of trust in a loved one);

tooth loss while eating – unfortunately, this is a harbinger of the arrival of a serious illness;

loss of teeth in the debtor’s dream – according to the dream book, it is a good sign that portends the payment of all debts of the dreamer.

From time to time we may have very surprising dreams about teeth. If in a dream all the teeth fall out at once, it means that our house will soon become empty for some reason.

It can also portend a disastrous situation in life, from which it will be very difficult for us to recover. In such a situation, you need to be vigilant and prevent problems as effectively as possible.

Falling out teeth – a separate article on this symbol

Wobbly, moving tooth

Wobbling teeth are, according to the dream book, a negative omen. Most often it is associated with broadly understood financial problems – it is a symbol of a loss of money as well as large sudden expenses.

A dream about a moving tooth can also be a harbinger of deterioration of health – both for us and for someone from our loved ones. Sometimes it is also a sign of making unfavorable acquaintances.

teeth dream meaning

Sick, broken teeth

Dreaming of broken or diseased teeth is, unfortunately, another unfavorable sign. It often portends the deterioration of our health or the illness of a loved one. According to the dream book, it can also be a serious warning against impending failures.

Sometimes it is also a harbinger of punishment for inappropriate behavior or misconduct – often, unfortunately, it is too late to fully avoid the consequences of your actions.

In the case of a dream about sick teeth, the dream book encourages us to fix something in our life as soon as possible. The problem may concern relations with our surroundings (family, friends or colleagues), as well as purely financial issues. The dream interpretation cautions that avoiding solving the problem can lead to a very difficult situation in our life.

Rotten teeth in a family member

If in a dream we see a family member with no teeth or broken teeth, this is a very important clue. The dream book urges us to become more involved in this person’s life and to look at things through his eyes.

This is a suggestion that perhaps a person close to us needs help and he has encountered serious problems. The importance of dreaming about broken teeth for a family member may also be related to their health. It is worth taking an interest in it and proposing to perform control tests.

Curved teeth

In everyday life, crooked teeth most often require straightening. Also in a dream, this symbol suggests us to straighten out certain situations and clear up misunderstandings with other people in our environment.

This is a good opportunity to work through your relationship difficulties and forgive past wrongs. Sometimes the importance of the crooked-tooth dream is related to financial difficulties. Then the dream book also encourages you to solve the problem.

Black dirty teeth

Dreams of dirty teeth are usually not very pleasant. Unfortunately, they also do not foreshadow good events.

After such a dream, we should expect various problems in our lives: financial, social, family and partnership. Do not ignore the warning against these troubles – most often we still have time to resolve them.

If we dream of someone familiar with dirty teeth, we should pay special attention to his behavior. Most often, such a dream means that this person is not completely honest with us.

Black or a piece of food between the teeth is a sign that warns against the appearance of a serious obstacle in our lives. According to the dream book, it is also a sign of our inactivity and monotony.

If the tooth is blackened or completely black, it is a harbinger of misfortune, or even the death of a loved one – a family member or friend.

Bleeding, bloody teeth

Bloodied teeth in a dream is a symbol that can be understood in two ways. On the one hand, they foretell misfortune, painful loss, illness or, in general, impending danger.

It can also be a sign that we will soon be punished for something. If we dream of bleeding gums, we may suffer from lack of energy, passivity and stagnation in life. Then it is worth considering your approach to everyday matters.

On the other hand, the dream of bloody teeth may mean that our plans and goals will soon come true – so it is both a positive and negative omen.


As surprising as it may sound, the importance of dreaming about a toothache is usually positive. It is a omen of good luck and success. However, we should be careful, because such dreams can also portend a mistake or the risk of making a mistake in the near future.

It is worth being careful then – if we notice our mistake quickly, we will be able to fix it easily.

teeth in dreams

Broken tooth

Unfortunately, the dream of a broken tooth is another rather unpleasant omen. It is possible that our relationship will break up in the near future.

At first, it will be difficult for us to come to terms with such a loss, but according to the dream book, this event will have good results.

This is the first step towards a new better life, and also a chance for a more fulfilling and happy relationship in the future.

Crumbling teeth

Crushing teeth in a dream is again a disturbing signal. It may herald the breakdown of a relationship that is important in our life or the coming health problems. The latter may concern us directly and affect a member of our immediate family.

Crumbling teeth are also a symbol of changes that we are unable to keep up with. In such a situation, it is worth accepting the upcoming changes and stop fighting the inevitable.

Teeth sealing

Dreams of filling teeth are a clear appeal not to displace problems from our consciousness, but to solve them effectively. According to the dream book, it may also be a harbinger of unpleasant moments that await us in the near future.

The mere treatment of teeth at the dentist’s may mean that our problems, unfortunately, will not go away as quickly as we would like.

Tooth extraction

Pulling out teeth in a dream is a sign that prompts us to look at our contacts with other people. We should organize our relationships with the people we care about and end our toxic, debilitating relationships.

If someone tears a tooth from us in a dream, we can also take it as a warning against a financial crisis or a loss of a lot of money.

According to the dream book, sometimes such a dream means stifling anxiety or problems that we should solve as soon as possible.


Dreaming about braces can be a serious warning for us. If we were wearing braces then, we must be vigilant and be careful with whom we entrust our secrets to.

According to the dream book, such a dream is a suggestion that someone will use our secrets against us. Interestingly, a dirty orthodontic appliance has a similar meaning to dirty teeth – it can portend a serious illness.

Cleaning, brushing teeth

If in a dream we clean, we brush our teeth, it means that we are trying too hard for other people. Unfortunately, according to the dream book, our behavior is not always necessary, and therefore we may feel underappreciated.

It can also be a sign that we are perfectionists and should sometimes let go of our tasks perfectly. Sometimes a dream about brushing teeth may also portend that we will prevent some misfortune or an unpleasant situation.

After such a dream, it is worth keeping your eyes around your head and be especially careful.

teeth dreaming about

Healthy, white teeth

The importance of dreaming about healthy teeth is very optimistic. According to the dream book, this picture augurs success, joy and significant material benefits. In turn, white teeth according to the dream book are a symbol of perfection, self-confidence and good luck.

They also bring health and vitality, and even portend you to improve your relationships with other people. After a dream in which white teeth appeared, it is worth paying special attention to your contacts with your loved ones – your partner, friend, siblings. This is the perfect time to enjoy the time spent together.

The dream of white, healthy teeth can also be a harbinger of a peaceful, though monotonous life for us. If we dream of someone else’s white teeth, it is a positive sign for the future for the person we dreamed of.

Artificial teeth

The dream of false teeth may be an announcement of some kind of profession that awaits us in the near future. It can also point to the appearance of our successes, so it is an important warning to us.

Sometimes he also predicts that we will suffer some kind of harm from our relatives. Dream interpretation recommends in the case of such a dream to prepare for the upcoming difficulties.

If we put in false teeth in a dream, we should expect poverty to come to our lives. At this time, it is worth watching out for financial frauds and carefully selecting business partners.

Golden tooth

The dream of a golden tooth has a slightly different meaning. It is an announcement that we can understand in two ways – exposure to temptation or wealth. It can also mean that we spend money unnecessarily or excessively brag about our wealth.

Silver tooth

The dream of a silver tooth suggests that we will soon receive some money.

Ivory tooth

The dream of ivory teeth is another portent of great wealth and respect.

Teeth grinding

Dreams of teeth grinding mean hidden anger, anger, regret, and even long repressed rage. The dream book encourages us to look at these emotions and deal with them.

Sometimes it also means explaining past difficult situations or talking to someone who has hurt us painfully.

Teeth grinding can also be a harbinger of enormous stress in our lives in the near future. It is worth preparing for it well and finding at least some time to rest in the daily run.

Molars, canines, incisors

Different types of dream teeth can mean different material goods. Thus, the loss of a given tooth symbolizes the loss of a given item in a similar way.

According to the dream book, specific types of teeth may also correspond to individual age groups – then if a tooth falls out, it means the loss of one of the household members in a given age category.

Molars: in dreams, molars are a symbol of expensive objects, the elderly, as well as mysteries and secret teachings. If such a tooth falls out, it may be a barrier to learning.
Fangs: these teeth, in turn, are a symbol of things of little value. They can also mean middle-aged people or what few know.
Incisors: The incisors in dreams symbolize young people, furniture, as well as the open and clear.
Who dreams that losing any of the teeth mentioned will lose the symbol associated with a given tooth.

Growth of teeth

Growing teeth in a dream is an extremely ambiguous symbol. For example, if we dream of having teeth of different sizes in our sleep, it may be a sign of a quarrel in our home or a serious disagreement in family circles.

If our teeth fall out in a dream, but new ones grow in their place, it symbolizes the upcoming changes. If the new teeth are better, the changes will be positive, and if they are worse, the situation in your life will also worsen.

Teeth for babies, children

The importance of sleeping on an infant’s teeth depends largely on their condition. The more well-groomed the teeth are, the better the omen for the future. Falling out teeth are, for example, an announcement of failure in life or a suggestion of an inner struggle. White teeth, in turn, are an optimistic sign, heralding, inter alia, prosperity and success in life.

If a parent dreams of their child’s teeth falling out, we should interpret this as an upcoming parenting problem. In this situation, the dream book recommends greater vigilance and concern towards the child.

Milk teeth

In dreams, milk teeth are a symbol of immaturity, naivety, innocence and youthfulness. They suggest life’s uncertainty, fear of making bold decisions and taking important steps forward. If a child dreams of milk milk, it means that it is not yet time for him to mature.

Growing new teeth is a symbol of financial and professional improvement, as well as a chance to pay off debts. Milk babies falling out in a dream, in turn, are, according to the dream book, a clear announcement that it is too early for something.

If a parent dreams of their child’s milk teeth falling out, they should prepare for the arrival of a new, not necessarily easy, stage in their life.

Lower and upper teeth

The oral cavity also plays a role in the dream book. Maybe it is a symbol of the house as a whole, and individual teeth are specific household members.

According to the dream book, the upper teeth are, in our opinion, the inhabitants who are more important and better, while the lower teeth symbolize the worse and less appreciated by us. It is also important which side the teeth are on. The ones on the right symbolize the men, and the women on the left.

Animal teeth, dog

Animal teeth are a general symbol of our hidden wild nature or our dormant aggression. In the event of such a dream, the dream book suggests that we think about our instincts and their meaning. The larger the teeth of an animal, the more serious our problem with controlling our urges.

If in a dream we notice the jaw of a dead animal, this can be interpreted as an omen of sadness and crying in the near future.

A dog bite in a dream may mean that someone is berating us behind our backs. It can also be a harbinger of a disease or a warning of impending difficulties.

The appearance of a dog’s teeth in a dream warns of a threatening passion or gossip. It can also symbolize an impending dispute or quarrel in the family.

Summary of dreaming about teeth

  • falling out teeth: a bad sign of misfortune
  • wobbly, moving tooth: financial problems await you
  • sick, decayed teeth: deteriorating health
  • rootten teeth in a family member: a loved one needs our help
  • crooked teeth: you have to “straighten out” outstanding matters
  • black, dirty teeth: financial and love problems
  • bleeding, bloody teeth: misfortune, disease, danger
  • toothache: Success and success await you
  • broken tooth: breakdown of relationship possible
  • crumbling teeth: relationship breakdown, health problems
  • filling teeth: unpleasant moments await you
  • tooth extraction: time to organize your relationship
  • braces: stay vigilant, someone may reveal a secret
  • teeth cleaning: you will manage to prevent any mishap or unpleasant situation
  • healthy white teeth: joy, success and material benefits
  • false teeth: a warning that we may be disappointed with someone close
  • golden tooth: you will be exposed to temptation
  • silver tooth: you will get money
  • ivory tooth: foreshadowing wealth
  • teeth grinding: hidden anger, anger, grief
  • growing teeth: an announcement of a quarrel
  • baby teeth, children’s teeth: possible educational problems
  • milk teeth, milk teeth: fear of making bold decisions
  • animal teeth, dog: control your drive

A dream about teeth

Teeth or mouth appear quite commonly in our dreams.

For example, we get things done and suddenly we taste the blood in our mouths, our tooth is moving and – when we reach our mouth, it suddenly falls out, we feel that more teeth are falling out of our gums and we cannot stop this process in any way, or we realize that behold, all our teeth are broken.

In another version of this dream, the teeth do not fall out, but grow – for example, they turn into fangs, or their size prevents us from talking or eating; we can also lose our sense of taste – even though we eat seemingly delicious dishes – they all taste like cardboard.

How to interpret dreams about teeth?

We often have dreams in which we lose our teeth in periods when new responsibilities arise, we have a huge responsibility, we enter middle age or retirement age, etc.

Teeth are a symbol of the self and also reflect our physical and mental health.

When the teeth in a dream are broken or in some way sick or defective, most likely in some area we are not honest with ourselves – for example, in our emotional, professional or family life.

We can also interpret this symbol as a harbinger of aggression and a manifestation of how we process stimuli that come to us from the outside – after all, the most important function of teeth is biting and chewing food. If in our dreams we chew something endlessly, maybe in normal life we ​​have trouble making important decisions?

Dreams in which teeth fall out are surprisingly common. They have nothing to do with our fear of the dentist, but mean that we have entered a period of great life changes.

After all, in adolescence, we lose milk teeth, in adulthood we grow wisdom teeth, while old age usually causes problems with dentition and deterioration of its condition …

Dreams about falling out teeth can therefore be interpreted as our fear of change, uncertainty, a sense of inferiority or lack of self-confidence in stressful moments – because loss of teeth is undoubtedly one of them.

How would dreams of teeth be interpreted by Freud?

For Freud, dreams involving teeth were clearly associated with sexuality. For him falling out teeth meant fears of men related to castration and impotence, while in women they symbolized the desire to have children.

How would Jung have interpreted dreams about teeth?

According to Jung, dreams of tooth loss indicated the dreamer’s fear of losing strength and vitality with age.

Teeth indicate material and sexual needs. The exact meaning can be read on the grounds of the following circumstances:

  • healthy teeth: it heralds success and material gain
  • decayed teeth: they warn of failures and losses
  • filling teeth: an appeal not to fend off the problems from your consciousness but to solve them
  • a toothache: success
  • a broken tooth: a breakdown of relationship
  • false teeth: it may indicate a need for greater importance and vanity, or a shame nature of your success
  • pull out teeth: ordering issues, financial problems or the failure of your expectations
  • lose a tooth: troubles, sometimes the death of a loved one
  • gold teeth: wealth
  • silver teeth: you will get money
  • missing teeth: misery, death in the family
  • molars: they mean expensive items; symbolize the secret science
  • canines: they mean things of little value
  • a debtor dreams, that a tooth falls out: you will give back the debt
  • all teeth fall out at once: the house will be empty
  • growing teeth of different sizes: a quarrel at home, discord
  • ivory teeth: wealth
  • teeth fall out, but in their place grow new ones: changes in life,
  • black between teeth or piece of food: you will encounter an obstacle, it also means inaction   Upper teeth mean better and more significant household members, lower teeth mean worse ones. Lips are considered a house in this case, and the teeth – people inside. Those on the right side represent the men, and those on the left – women. The incisors represent the young people, canines – middle-aged people, and the molars – older people.

If someone dreams that loses one of these teeth, he will lose one member of the household respectively.

The teeth however can also mean something what you already have.

Molars – expensive items; canines – not very valuable objects, incisors – furniture.

And again, the dream about losing teeth predicts some loss. Teeth also reflect the course of the various matters. Molars are the symbol of the mysteries and the occult science; canines express something what is known only by a few people; incisors – what is open for everyone.   So if you dream that one of these teeth falls, you will experience obstacles in the relevant matter.

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