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Sex dream interpretation

Sex :
  • to dream about sex: you will meet someone who will ignite lust in you; soon you will experience something that you have been waiting for a long time
  • sex with a stranger: you feel unappreciated, you will meet someone who will discover new abilities in you
  • see the loving couple: a lot of surprises await you
  • a woman dreams that she is having sex with someone significant – a good omen, as the position of a man
  • have sex with a married woman: a bad omen
sex dream meaning

If someone dreams that he is coming closer to his wife and she is willing, she is not rejecting the partner, it is a good sign for everyone. Generally, a wife predicts matters from which her husband derives pleasures or which are under his control; so this dream predicts benefit.

If the wife was strongly opposed to his advances, it means the opposite turn of events. The dreams about a lover should be interpreted in the same way.

A dream that you have a woman from a public house symbolizes shame and minor loss. In contrast, this dream is a good sign before every undertaking, because prostitutes are called by some people “female employees” and by giving themselves, they do not refuse anything. It is a good sign, if in a dream you came into a brothel, and then left this place; however if you cannot leave a brothel, it heralds something bad.

Dreaming about having sex with a woman that you do not know:  if she is pretty, nice, and she is wearing an expensive dress and jewellery, and she is willingly to have sex, it bodes a dreamer that something very beautiful and important will happen. However, if she is old, ugly, unpleasant, poorly dressed, and she gives herself with reluctance, everything will go wrong. You should assume that the unknown woman symbolizes the things that will happen in the near future; so the way she behaves reflects how our affairs will develop.

Dreaming about having sex with a woman that you know: a dream that you are having sex with your colleague bodes well, but not if someone of our employees hugs us insistently. Such vision predicts contempt of your subordinates and damage caused by them. Similarly as the someone younger or our enemy paws us. Having sex with a woman from a good house, that you know well and you are in love with symbolizes passion; however if you have never desired her, this dream may predict that you will gain something thanks to her.

sex dream dictionary

Sex may seem to be one of the most enjoyable dream themes, but not all interpretations of dreams with this theme are equally enjoyable, and some dreams can even be considered nightmares.

How the dream interpretation interprets dreams about sex? We advise!

Dream interpretation of sex

A dream of sex as such may indicate a new acquaintance and an intimate relationship that will be initiated by the sleeping person. Such explanations are adequate, especially when the sleeping person did not lead a “rich” sex life, and in this sphere of his life boredom, coldness and stagnation reigned, he was lonely, he lacked tenderness.

When you have sex with your partner in a dream, the dream interpretation suggests that you agree in real life and that you are doing well. You are in agreement and you are not at war with each other. It could also be an indication that it might be worth experimenting with bed matters.

Doing it with your ex-partner usually means that you are missing something significant in your current relationship, and you start remembering and comparing your previous relationships. The dream book informs you that you are subconsciously looking for answers to your questions.

When in a dream you make love to a person of the same sex (meanwhile, you are heterosexual) sometimes it means that you suppress your fascination with your gender and your inclination towards homosexuality. More often, however, it is a symbol of strengthening your bond with the person you dream about. Such dreams are also interpreted as an expression of fear of people of the same sex, their actions and conspiracies that may be plotting against you (at work or home. When a woman dreams of having sex with a girl, it may mean that she needs more tenderness and delicacy than her own) partner.

Dream interpretation: sex

Sex with a stranger or people with whom we do not have contact in the interpretation of Charles Jung is associated with the archetype of anima or animus (assigned to men and women respectively). They are sometimes interpreted as a reflection of a perfect relationship and relationship with an ideal partner. In the dreams of lonely people, they mean the need for closeness, love, a sense of security. For people in relationships, such dreams are a clue that more spontaneity is needed because routine has crept into the relationship.

If someone dreams that he is approaching his wife and is willing, does not resist, it is a good dream for everyone. The wife here means his affairs with which she takes pleasure or which she directs; so sleep bodes good for them. If, on the other hand, the wife objected and repelled, it would be the opposite. The dream interpretation informs that the dreams about the lover should be interpreted in the same way.

To dream that you have a hetta from a brothel means shame and a little loss. On the other hand, this dream is good before any endeavor, because some people call them “workers”, and when they give themselves up, they refuse nothing.

It is good if in a dream you could enter and leave the brothel; while not being able to leave, it foreshadows something bad.

When you have sex with a family member in your dream, you are most likely going through adolescence and teenage rebellion. The dream interpretation suggests that regularly recurring nightmares about such relationships are a manifestation of dissatisfaction with relationships with relatives (father, mother or siblings).

Dreams of incest, on the other hand, mean that we should take up some difficult topic that we have so far avoided like plague.

Dreams about relations with a woman you do not know: If she is pretty, kind, has expensive dresses and precious jewelry, and gives herself willingly, it foretells the dreamer that something very beautiful and important will come true.

On the other hand, if she is old, ugly, unpleasant, badly dressed, and also gives herself up reluctantly, everything will go wrong. It should be assumed that an unknown woman symbolizes the matters that will be encountered in the near future; So what is it like and how it behaves, so will our affairs be.

Dreams about relations with a woman we know: A dream that you have an intercourse with your own employee bodes well, but it is wrong to dream that you are overwhelmed by an employee; such a vision portends contempt on the part of subordinates or the loss caused by them. It will be similar if we dream that someone younger or our enemy is doing it.

The meaning od dream : sex

To dream that you are having intercourse with a woman from a good home that you know, you desire her and are in love with her is passion, and if you have never wanted her, a dream means that you will gain something from her wealth.

Sex with a married woman is bad omen, it portends financial losses.

When in a dream you have sex with your idol, a famous, famous and influential person, it is a sign that you feel underappreciated, but soon you will meet someone who will discover new possibilities in you.

The orgy dream suggests that we are wasting our life energy on too many things.

Violent sex is an outlet for our frustration, aggression and tension that has accumulated for some time. For many people it will also be a natural erotic fantasy in which the partner is “wild”, firm and determined.

Interrupted sexual intercourse is a symbol of loneliness and failure in interpersonal relationships.

Sex in public means that someone will soon discover your greatest secret, which you have tried with all your might to keep to yourself.

When you dream of having sex with a friend or colleague, it suggests that you have trouble finding the right partner or that you are missing something in your current relationship. These types of fantasies usually arise when you spend a lot of time with that person. It is an expression of a close relationship. Sometimes this symbol indicates loneliness and the desire for intimate intercourse.

When you dream of having sex with your boss or boss, it means that you like determined people in bed. You are drawn to imperious and firm partners.

The meaning sex dream in other cultures and dream books:

Mystical dream interpretation:

Having sex – symbolizes hidden feelings and the need to relax.

Sex with the current partner – indicates that the needs in the sphere of sexual life are not met.

Making love with an ex-partner means unresolved childhood conflicts.

Sex with your idol – reflects dissatisfaction with the previous marriage.

Practicing it with someone of a different race – fear of non-acceptance in the sexual sphere.

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