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Paint / colour

Paint / colour dream interpretation

Paint / colour :

Paint _ colour_farbaThe symbolism of color is always associated with sexual passions, and the colors black and white (as male and female) are extremes; among them there are plenty of nuances: blue = to adjust, adapt, gentleness; yellow = intuition; green = agitation, indecision; red = sin, rage, devil, sex; purple = good news; rose = wedding; blue = larger family; bronze = you are mistrustful; black = night, rest; white = cold, failure, virginity

see paint: illusory hope

mix paint: the successful development of business

paint yourself: you will be deceived

smear an object with paint: you are not completely honest with your friend

paint your face: you seem to be ridiculous

dye someone’s face: you should not sneer at fellows

dye your hair: you feel bad in your skin

paint a car: you will get a surprise (compare the importance of the appropriate color)

smear paint: good business

buy: the longing for changes

keep the paint in the container: it means to have a full purse

prepare water-soluble paints for painting: you will get into a precarious story

use oil paints: the stabilization of existence

a dyed fox: beware of manipulations and frauds


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