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Merry-go-round / carousel Dream Dictionary

Merry-go-round / carousel

Merry-go-round / carousel dream interpretation

Merry-go-round / carousel :

Merry-go-round  carousel_karuzelaA dream about the carousel can be caused by external shock; often it is a sign of hearing disorders. This symbol also indicates the maze, because the carousel, whether it is with live or wooden horses, rotates around its axis and leads nowhere. The carousel in dreams sometimes also has physiological significance. It means that you are prone to dizziness, fainting. In this case, the dream of a carousel is advice to take care of your nerves or your diet, because malnutrition can cause dizziness.

see the carousel: you need advice from your beloved

to spin: you stuck in one place, you do not evolve

ride on the carousel: you will play a joke on someone

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