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Fur/leather Dream Dictionary


Fur/leather dream interpretation

Fur/leather :

Fur_leather_futro,skoraIt is a sign of conflicts and failures. This symbol may also express the longing for motherly warmth, seeking a woman’s health. Sometimes, the fur is also an erotic symbol, as it remains in connection with the skin, which likes to be stroked.

see it: a misfortune

a beautiful fur: a happy marriage

an old fur: poverty, privation

put it on: an aversion to social life

to scalp an animal: prosperity

remove from the drum: you should expect good news

buy: a long journey to an exotic country

sell: financial troubles

receive as a gift: a rich marriage, not out of love or friendship

wear: you will live well on someone else’s expense

wear artificial: you pretend to be someone you are not

see a woman in a fur coat: the announcement to gain support from outside, which will compensate the dreamer’s feelings of inferiority

see someone wrapped in fur: a rich friend or sponsor

fur animals farm: see ita harbinger of great wealth; have itgreat wealth, but for a very short time

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