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Dwarf / a short man Dream Dictionary

Dwarf / a short man

Dwarf / a short man dream interpretation

Dwarf / a short man :

Dwarf  a short man_karzelIt is the opposite of a giant. Often such a dream is caused by the presence of parasites, insects. A dwarf in a dream is also a symbol of strength gathered through physical weakness, that is, through inaction, insidiousness, ingenuity and malice.

be a dwarf: you will make a good decision

see a dwarf: you will meet someone for whom you feel unimportant, insignificant

a nice dwarf: a good physical and psychological condition

repulsive, ugly dwarf: sad moments

a dwarf in the dreams of women: your inner strength terrifies you

a dwarf in the dreams of men: it expresses too strong sexual desire, that you cannot control

a meeting with a dwarf: various superstitions are connected with this theme, and some people consider a meeting with a dwarf for a bad omen, others for good; dwarfs are often forced to be self-contained, thanks to that they gain great power of mental concentration that enables them to influence the human psyche;  so you need to analyze the impact of this meeting by yourself

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