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Diamond dream interpretation

Diamond :

diamond_diamentIt symbolizes wisdom, cold purity, perfection, which is sufficient to itself and does not need to impress anyone. The symbolism of the diamond is connected, more or less, with the symbolism of the white colour. The diamond also means an inferiority complex, bluffing, overestimating yourself

white diamond: a harbinger of the birth of a religious vocation and the total break up with existing contacts

see: a joyful future

find: you will lose something valuable

collect: illusory hopes

wear: you enjoy something that seems to be happiness, but soon you’ll see that there is nothing to be happy about; you will see that “all that glitters is not gold”

you see yourself as a holder of many diamonds: prosperity, respect of the people around you

give them to someone: you want to give something valuable to someone, think about what would please this person.


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