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Beard dream interpretation

Beard :

Beard_brodaA motif of a father.

in women: a feeling of security at the side of a man with a beard

see how it grows: you find yourself in a successful position

see or have it: good health; the thicker, the better

cut it or shave: losses

lose: damage

comb: the happiness that others will be jealous of

ginger: beware! False friends

see it in a woman: be cautious

white beard: wisdom

black, long beard: you have a lot of energy; in women this dream may mean, that they take over a male role in life

a thick beard: good health

pointed beard: stop meddling in other people’s affairs

an old man with a long beard: you do not accept the opinion of other people, but you have the respect and authority among people

young bearded man: lucky in love

A dream about a big and thick beard is good for a man who is devoted to science and philosophy, as well as for those intending to take some actions; the beard makes people more serious and wise. Dreams that beard falls out or someone tear it out by force announce the death of some relatives, as well as the loss and disgrace.

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