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Carl Gustav Jung

The interpretation of dreams according to Jung.

He believed that every mean of transport appearing in our dreams illustrates the dreamer’s character of mental life. For example, people travelling by plane are being carried by “an unknown pilot’, what means that they follow their intuition in life which comes from our unawareness. People travelling by tram, bus have tendencies to imitate others’ behaviour and they deafen signals of their subconscious.

Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) was the most outstanding student of Sigmund Freud.      At first, he worked with his great master. However, Jung did not agree with some of Freud’s ideas, especially with the fact that sexuality dominates in our dreams. Jung believed that sexuality is only one of many aspects that appear in the dreams of every man.  In addition – in contrast to Freud – he thought that dreams do not hide our ignorance, but on the contrary – they express it. Studying dreams, Jung went in the direction of parapsychology and areas of the human psyche, which have never been discovered. He created the theory of “collective unconscious”, according to which every human being, regardless of culture, race, etc. is connected with other people by common knowledge and experience, which manifest themselves in our dreams as psychological archetypes.
These archetypes are stories, tales and myths inherited by our mind at the moment of birth, created even before our birth and common to all people around the world. Their content is always expressed through symbols and metaphors. For example, we can mention here the archetype of birth, rebirth, death, power, unity, the archetype of the hero, baby, demon, animal, water, tree or fire. Jung in his studies paid particular attention to the esoteric realm, so on telepathy, precognition, astrology, or ghosts. In seemingly random events he was looking for patterns known as synchronicity, which in his view was a symptom of conventionality in nature. He pointed out that many of his discoveries about the unconscious initially appeared in dreams.  So he considered dreams as a source of information and the way by which man has an incredible opportunity to connect with deeper mystery. Carl Gustav Jung made the complete redefinition of psychology, deepening it and making it accessible to all areas.

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